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Distribute What?

Well gorgeous tans of course! We have the best solutions and products for spray tans and we specialise in that 'airbrushed' finish, so we have made contact with some amazing people in the industry and given them the skills and products to give you the Sun Kissed glow no matter where in South Africa you are!

Meet our Current   Distributors

We have already created spots for you to get the same airbrushed spray tan from Sun Kissed around South Africa! We want to connect with as many studios and clients as we can, to help deliver seamless bronzed spray tans and leave you feeling gorgeously even and not orange!

Do you own a Beauty Studio or would you like to Spray Tan like an Airbrushed Pro?

Paula Jennings takes pride in having mastered spray tanning and the ability to properly contour and airbrush someone's skin over her years and years of experience. She also decided that she would only use the very best products and equipment available and made sure that if she could help anyone learn then she would!

You can start stocking and using the best liquid and tanning products, as well as get private one on one lessons from Paula for spraying. You can add it to your treatments at your studio, go mobile or even learn to spray fitness athletes for show!

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Jenelle's MobileStudio


Get the Sun Kissed glow from the comfort of your own home with Jenelle Botha.

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