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About   Us

Sun Kissed Studio

A long time dream, Paula Jennings founded the Sun Kissed Studio brand and began by delivering spray tans for commercial functions and running various sun beds and cans for her clients. She soon realised that she had a huge passion for making people feel beautifully bronzed. She went into the fitness and showcase arena, in which she learned to create long lasting bronzed tans for athletes on stage.

Meet our Ambassadors

Sun Kissed Tanning & Beauty Studio has selected some of the most amazing and well known women as ambassadors for our brand. Representing the brand has always been a really important aspect of our advertising and a way of giving back! We have selected individuals that truly represent all our values and the standard of our work.


In partnership with the best in the biz

Sun Kissed Tanning Studio is partnered with the best spray tan lotion around! 

We are an international distributor for LSR. We strongly believe it is hands down the best tanning liquid for athletes and our clients. It provides a long lasting streak-free bronzed look, which is exactly what sets us apart from other tanning specialists.

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